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Trees “R” Us wants to help remove all of your unwanted stumps in your Tucson yard. Take advantage of our amazing stump services as soon as possible.

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Stump Removal Services

We offer professional Tucson stump removal services for those pesky stumps that just do not want to part with your yard! No matter the size, placement, or age of the stump, we know what to do to get it out of there. When the job is complete, you will never know it was ever there!

Have a stump in your front yard creating an eyesore, or is the HOA pressing you to remove a stump?  Is a stump attracting all types of unwanted pest attention? It is vital to the health of your yard to remove a rotting stump. Call us today and we can offer our stump removal services immediately! If you need a free estimate beforehand, let us know and we will give you the best answer of what a stump removal really costs!

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