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#1 for Cactus Removal in Oro Valley | Over 200 5-Star Reviews

More than 200 5-star rating and over 5,000 jobs completed, we’re the #1 Cactus Removal service in Oro Valley! Call us today!

With almost 20 years of experience in cactus removal services in Oro Valley and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients, you can be assured we are a cut above the rest!

Call us now to request a quote and have cactus removed from your property in Oro Valley today!

Over 1,000 Trees Trimmed

The Best Cactus Removal Service in Oro Valley

The Sonoran desert hosts a variety of wild cacti and your home or business might be facing this problem now. While different variety of cacti may be nice to look at in the wild, they are problematic on your property. Nobody wants prickly wild plants randomly growing in their yards!

When they become overwhelming enough to handle yourself, Trees R Us will lend you a hand in cactus removal for your Oro Valley property. Not only will you get a better aesthetic, you will also have peace of mind knowing you made your home safer.

Stop worrying about cactus growing on your home or business – let Trees R Us handle that with our cactus removal services.

Call us now at 520-502-6442 and get a safer, cleaner and cactus-free property in Oro Valley today!

Cactus Removal in Oro Valley

Professionals You Can Trust

Professional Cactus Removal Service in Oro Valley You Can Trust

Trees R Us is your premier choice for cactus removal in Oro Valley! No matter how big or small, we will handle your cactus removal.

With almost 20 years of experience in Oro Valley and the greater Southern Arizona region our cactus removal experts are thoroughly trained to safely and efficiently remove cacti and restore the beauty of your property.

Don’t let cacti ruin your property, let Trees R Us take care of it with our expert cactus removal services!

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What Our Clients Say

Hired to remove a dead tree and grind up stump. Showed up early- which was appreciated- and worked diligently and well to remove tree. Cleaned up so well there was no trace of the removed tree or that they were ever here. Would recommend Trees R Us without hesitation- a great value for tree removal and landscaping that is both thoroughly professional and reasonably priced. Thank you for your efforts!

~ Keith Hudson

We had them out today to do a big project! They showed up 15 minutes before they were suppose to! And so nice and friendly! Cut down three trees, and trimmed about 10 of them for us! And cleaned up our yard for us also! It looks better now then we we moved in! We will definitely use them again!

~ Teata Dailey

These guys are great! Worked hard and steady cutting our mosquite trees exactly as we wanted them. We had 3 quotes and theirs was the best. So, good price, great work! I would totally call them again and refer them to all my friends.

~ Kenneth Panter

The Benefits

Why Remove Your Cactus?

Unstable Cacti

Cacti that are native to Oro Valley are watered infrequently. However, cacti in residential or commercial areas seek out water with long root systems. This can cause a cactus to grow too rapidly. Plus, the cactus’s root system can spread too thin. Overgrown cacti with insecure roots are likely to fall. This causes property damage or even injury. Therefore, you must remove unstable cactus.


In addition to becoming a hazard for falling, cacti can pose a threat because of their spines. In some cases, children or pets are endangered by a cactus placement. So for safe removal, Trees “R” Us offers the painless, professional option.

Dead Cactus

Cactus rot is a common problem in Oro Valley. This is usually caused by fungal problems in the soil. To prevent a rotted cactus, it is best to use regular potting soil. Plus, overwatering can cause cactus rot or other issues. Once cactus rot spreads into the plant, cactus removal may be the best option.

Property Protection

Cacti located next to walls, foundations, or other structures cause damage. The roots of cactus such as Saguaros are quite strong. With increased water accessibility, these plants often extend roots into structural fixtures. Even plumbing can be affected. In addition, unstable or overgrown cacti fall and damage property. So when cacti are posing a threat to property we recommend removal.

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